Indian Startups are Going to Dominate the Global Markets


As the Government of India started the “Make In India” campaign, the number of startups has increased in popular numbers. The startups in India as compared to other countries are still less in numbers. In the UK and USA regions the sufficient numbers of startups are present in every possible field. As the result the competition between startups are also great. On contemporary of that scenario in India the market for the startups are yet not fully discovered.
The expansion of their offerings for the domestic consumers, Indian startups in the consumer technology space are increasingly beginning to look at foreign markets to expand their business. The latest development comes from ride-hailing service Ola, which announced its plans to enter the UK, making it the companies’ second market outside India after launching in Australia in 2018. Other startups that have looked outside the Indian market include financial service firm Paytm, which has launched operations in Canada; hotel aggregator OYO, which has started services in Nepal and Malaysia and plans to further expand its foreign portfolio by entering China; and Food – tech platform Zomato, which is present in 24 countries including UAE, USA, UK, Turkey, Italy and Australia.
The Co-Founder and CEO of Indian Based App Taxi company OLA, Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal recently released the statement that “The UK is a fantastic place to do business and we look forward to providing a responsible , compelling, new service that can help the country meet its ever demanding mobility needs”. As the other startups from around the globe like Amazon, Uber, Wallmart are dominating the Indian market, the Indian Startups are willing to go outside in seek of new expansion territories. In this also very helpful in regards of the growing economy of India and the Companies too. If India wants to be the future superpower and beat the existing ones’ then it must emphasize on its Startups and new Indian based industries.

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