OIL Will 100$ Again? Recent Updates


It took the higher a part of a year however the assembly cut established by the 14-member pool, Organisation of fossil fuel commercialism Countries (OPEC), in Jan is commencing to show results. costs of the benchmark brant goose grade crude have shot up by thirty six per cent since the center of this year and went among touching distance of the $65-a-barrel mark before retracing steps within the previous couple of mercantilism sessions. On Friday, brant goose was mercantilism within the $61-62-a-barrel vary.

Exactly a year agone international organisation set to require one.2 million barrels daily off the market through production cuts in a trial to bring down output to around thirty two.5 million barrels daily. The pool persuaded the eleven non-OPEC oil-producing countries LED by Russia to chop collective output by 600,000 barrels daily taking the overall to one.8 million barrels, that was an enormous deal so.

Why high costs
This was the primary time since 2008 that international organisation reached a agreement on cutting output and agnosticism dominated on whether or not the members would keep their commitments. place it all the way down to pressure on national budgets however the pool mostly abided by the agreement and therefore the results area unit there currently for North American country to ascertain. What the assembly cuts did was to require off the excess inventory floating around, literally, and brought balance into the market.

The squeeze coincided with a revival of demand. With global economic recovery and consistent demand from Asia, especially China and India, the oil market began to feel the effect of the supply cuts. Geopolitics, as much as fundamental demand-supply equations, is a major factor in oil pricing, and the recent events in Saudi Arabia’s domestic politics coupled with the ongoing war in Yemen ensured that sentiment in the oil market would turn bullish on prices. That, in short, is the story of the current spell of elevated prices.

The important question now is: Is the oil market headed back to the era of $100 a barrel?

Impact of oil flood

To answer that we need to understand the role played by the shale oil industry in the US. It was the latter that ended OPEC’s party in 2014 by flooding the market with its output. What the massive flood of oil did was not just depress prices but also disrupt the market equilibrium that had prevailed since the formation of the OPEC cartel in the 70s.

Saudi Arabia with its massive reserves of 260 billion barrels and dirt-cheap cost of production was the traditional leader and swing producer with an output between 8 and 10 million barrels a day. The kingdom could influence prices by turning its taps on or off.

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